The 365 Sober Living mission is to provide outstanding recovery services within a sober and motivated recovery community to foster growth and build a firm foundation for each client.  

Paul Stuckmann
President & CEO

 “The Twelve Steps not only freed me from alcohol, it gave me a new life that was inconceivable when the journey began and now allows me to help other men who are still suffering.”


The recovery journey began for Paul in May of 2009 when he was given the vital spiritual experience necessary to live a life free from drugs and alcohol, and a new-found desire to help others.  The original vision for providing a sober living program came to him through prayer and meditation, although he realized that it was not likely to happen fully as a solo venture.  Some months later the right people began crossing his path, and the 365 Sober Living program became a reality in 2016.


Paul’s education and professional experience include a BS in Finance from Illinois State University, and over 30 years in the healthcare software industry.  He has served in a variety of roles during that time, most of which focused on helping to start and grow business units from infancy to maturity.


Volunteer experience includes sponsoring men through 12 Step recovery programs, bringing meetings to treatment facilities and participation in several small group and spiritual retreats.

Susan Vitale

"As life often has a way of evolving, I experienced a career change late in life.  My various business and entrepreneurial experiences provided me a vast range of work ethics, skills and knowledge, including speaking a second language (Spanish).  I had no way of truly knowing how helpful these things would be to a new adventure; it has been nothing short of fulfilling and rewarding."


In my personal journey, I had the honor of of volunteering in various local city and county jails as well as being an Associate Volunteer with the Georgia Department of Corrections visiting the women’s prison for eight years.  This gave me exposure to many different types of people, backgrounds and life experiences (different from my own) and a broader view in recognizing the individual needs of people wanting long-term recovery.


The addiction field is very specialized and, in my humble opinion, requires dedication and commitment.  My experience includes, but is not limited to, Prime for Life training (specific to DUI regulations), DBHDD training, anger management, marijuana awareness, CBT, motivational interviewing, shoplifting and life skills classes, and even alcohol and drug or violence evaluations as often requested by courts. I have had the privilege of working with multiple intervention organizations, sober living residences and several court-mandated agencies. In addition to the study of substance use disorders and how it affects individuals and their relationships, I have received extensive training to become a certified family violence intervention program facilitator in male and female group therapy settings.


I truly feel blessed to draw from all these opportunities and continue to learn, grow and help those seeking to make positive changes in their lives.

Daniel Rich
Program Director

“For a very long time now, it has been my heart-felt passion in life to work with men struggling with addiction.  My life experiences and training guide me to discover the needs of each client, and how best to work with them to ensure the greatest possible outcome is achieved during their stay with us.”


Danny develops and manages our ongoing program offerings, and leads with an extremely hands-on approach to helping each client achieve success in long term recovery.  He takes the time to understand each client’s journey and behaviors, clearly identifying the things that may be blocking them from staying sober and living a happy, productive life.  His treatment philosophy includes educating our clients’ families on the recovery process, and helping them better understand their loved one so that bringing the family back together becomes possible.


His education in addiction counseling began at Suffolk Community College in 1989 and in the mid-1990’s he began working with sober living programs.  Danny has received training and is experienced in using therapeutic modalities such as RET (Rational Emotive Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), behavioral modification techniques, relapse prevention, anger management and psychodrama (as treatment for PTSD, sexual trauma, etc.).


In 2012, Danny served as the Program Director for a large residential facility in Florida for two years before relocating to Georgia in 2014 to be closer to family.  He was involved in managing another local sober living program for about a year before meeting our President/CEO, and becoming involved in the start-up of 365 Sober Living in 2016.

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